Our league is a friendly, but competitive, local league. These are the agreed rules that cover, team/player entries, registrations and transfers, dart board set-up, league rules, knock out cup rules, general etiquette and result cards. There are deliberately few rules to make playing simple and fun, but are rules allowing the committee an amount of freedom to adjudicate and settle any disputes through the season. These decisions are made by the committee and covered by rules 2.3 to 2.5.

Submitting Green Result Cards

After an extremely successful trial in 2015-16 season, there are now 4 ways to get your card to me (any one of these acceptable) – 3 of which save you a stamp and money (valuable in these Brexit hard times)!!

  1. Take a camera pic – Attach it online to this form with your details (Free option)
  2. Post a pic of it on Facebook (Free option)
  3. Drive and post it through my door (Freeish option)
  4. Stamp it – post it (Not free, but keeps our lovely posties in work ;-)) First class preferred to speed up league tables production, but not essential.

Any picture must be readable and show the whole card including signatures. I will be in touch if I need anything clarifying.

Full Rules

If you feel a new rule should be added or an amendment made, contact us with details and it will be raised at the next AGM.

Download PDF of Rulebook (PDF, 106KB)