New Leagues Published

Hit the red bit on the dartboardThe new leagues have now been worked out, where possible teams have been promoted and relegated as per last seasons standings.

Due to a number of top league drop outs and a couple of new teams, some changes on top of normal promotion and relegation have needed to be made, we hope you will think it has been done as fairly as possible.

Rule Changes for 2014-15 Season

Set of dartsA couple of rule changes were proposed and voted in at the AGM 2014, here is an extract of the changes to take effect immediately:

A change to league rules affecting singles matches:

4.6.1 All 6 singles games are to be drawn out, at a time agreed by the two captains, but before the start of the singles part of the match

A change to the format of the Ivor Thomas Shield competition:

Open to all teams in the dart league. Teams will consist of at least 6 players.

The format for this competition is as follows:-

6 singles, best of 3 legs, 501 – 1 point each – (names to be drawn out)
3 pairs, 1 leg, 701  - 2 points each – (names to be drawn out)
1 gallon, 1001-  3 points